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2011-09-25 12:07 am
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Welcome to the cloudroom house - iamamiwhoami ripoff

About a week ago I discovered this video by a guy named Robert van Oz, called "Welcome to the Cloudroom House".  I discovered it when I was checking the Popjustice forum thread on iamamiwhoami (hoping that there was some news or something).  Apparently, this guy was seriously inspired by the iamamiwhoami videos, and by "inspired" I mean "compelled to incorporate at least 90% of the concepts and imagery from all the iamamiwhoami videos into this one video".

Since I have no life (actually, I have a meeting to go to tomorrow, but I am going to stay up and get started on this little post before I go to bed), I have decided to put together a comparison between this Cloudroom House video and the iamamiwhoami videos.

Before I start, I should note that this guy has admitted to being inspired by iamamiwhoami in his "Welcome to the Cloudroom House" article for his "newspaper".

Anyway, the screenshots from "Welcome to the Cloudroom House" will be in chronological order; the screenshots from the iamamiwhoami videos, if any, will not be.

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2010-11-17 12:21 am


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