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About a week ago I discovered this video by a guy named Robert van Oz, called "Welcome to the Cloudroom House".  I discovered it when I was checking the Popjustice forum thread on iamamiwhoami (hoping that there was some news or something).  Apparently, this guy was seriously inspired by the iamamiwhoami videos, and by "inspired" I mean "compelled to incorporate at least 90% of the concepts and imagery from all the iamamiwhoami videos into this one video".

Since I have no life (actually, I have a meeting to go to tomorrow, but I am going to stay up and get started on this little post before I go to bed), I have decided to put together a comparison between this Cloudroom House video and the iamamiwhoami videos.

Before I start, I should note that this guy has admitted to being inspired by iamamiwhoami in his "Welcome to the Cloudroom House" article for his "newspaper".

Anyway, the screenshots from "Welcome to the Cloudroom House" will be in chronological order; the screenshots from the iamamiwhoami videos, if any, will not be.

These pics are huge - they were taken from the HD copy of the video.  Anyway, this shot reminded me of one of the shots from the video "; john" by iamamiwhoami but I don't have that screenshot right now.  This is the beginning of the video.

This image of a snake eating its own tail - the ouroboros - looks a lot like the line drawings seen at the end of each of the prelude videos.  Here I have included the line drawing of the bee from the so-called "papachoo" video.  Check out the Wikipedia entry for "ouroboros" - the graphic at the Wikipedia entry looks very, very similar to the one in the Cloudroom video.  It's probably a royalty-free graphic.

Now here we have the title of the video taped to the side of the Cloudroom House (I will show you the house in a bit).  It's obvious that he printed this out, cut it into a strip and then taped it to the house.  Even the font used for the text is the same as the one used on the taped label from the "b" video.

Credits such as "words & music by" and "performed by" were also presented as cut up printouts taped to objects.  I included this one because this was taped to styrofoam, the same material used in the "; john" video (I will add screencap from "; john" later).

This final caption was taped to the piano, of which was covered in tinfoil.  Tinfoil first showed up in "t" - the SUV, crown, scepter, globe, collar and crown were all covered in tinfoil for "t".  The use of tinfoil returned in "y" - the trees in a sterile, barren-looking forest were all covered in tinfoil.

Robert van Oz spends the entire video playing on the piano.  Here, the walls of the Cloudroom House's interior are covered with blank sheets of paper.  In the video for "n", the walls were covered with sheets of blank printer paper.  The white walls in the video "y" were also covered with blank sheets of printer paper.

Here is a shot showing lightbulbs and an object covered in tinfoil (I don't know what that is).  It reminded me of the lightbulb that came out of the tinfoil-covered tree in "y".

Here Robert is shown with a medical collar - the kind that dogs or cats wear after surgery so they don't pick at their wounds.  It is called an Elizabethan collar (interesting compared to the collar Jonna wore in "t").  Jonna wore an Elizabethan collar (or a cone, as it's sometimes called) in "o".

In this shot, a lightbulb is shown lighting up.  Notice that the base of the lightbulb is covered in tinfoil, just like the one in "y".  I think the lightbulb metaphor is the same - both seem to represent ideas.

The Cloudroom house actually shows up in the very beginning of the video, but I wanted to use a clearer shot of the house to compare it to the small structure seen in the "papachoo" video.  They look very similar, only the Cloudroom house is white, covered in printer paper and is probably made out of cardboard.  Robert is supposed to be inside the Cloudroom House and it moves around throughout the video, traveling to the edge of a pond.

Robert throws up his hands, just like Jonna does in "b".  You have to watch the video to see how much he imitates Jonna's movement in "b".

Robert holds his hands in front of the camera, very much like Jonna did in "b" (I will add a screenshot from "b" later).

Robert makes these spastic movements, which I guess is supposed to be like Jonna's movements in "b".

I have more to add, but I need to go to bed.


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